Kathleen Hunt - About My Kaleidoscopes!

"The Kaleidoscopes I create are produced from stained and fused glass.  Each one is embellished uniquely, which makes every scope a one-of-a-kind work of interactive art."

Display at Scottsdale, AZ

 Celebration of Fine Art Show

"My constant inspiration for creativity and artistry are the magical patterns formed within my kaleidoscopes.  Long ago this shaped my vision to create scopes that are as eye-catching on the exterior as the wondrous images inside.  I believe the calm and soothing interaction my art provides for an individual, further enhances the effectiveness of each distinctive piece.  My work is represented in galleries, museums and private collections throughout the world."

Kathleen Hunt 

 Kathleen’s Kustom Kaleidoscope

Fairy Kaleidoscope
by Kathleen Hunt


Custom Created Fairy Kaleidoscope

  Signed and Dated
Fairy Kaleidoscope

Custom Colors